Beginnings are often times for blessings.  New baby, new home, new relationship....  or, blessings can acknowledge commitment and devotion which have existed for a long time.

Would you like to have a ceremony to mark a new beginning or an important relationship?  I can help you design and plan your event and will be present to ensure that it goes just the way you want it to.

Blessing your baby might involve gathering friends and family together to celebrate this new life and the new member of your family.  This could be the time you formally give your baby a name.  A baby blessing is not the same as a baptism.  Baptism is about joining a church community and takes place in a church.

Home blessings can be part of a house warming where family and friends participate, or can be a private ceremony for the people who live in the house.  When a home is blessed, we “claim” the space for those who live there, name the hopes and purposes for the rooms in the house and its surroundings, and honour and let go of aspects left in the home from the past. We might cleanse the corners with salt and sweeten the air with a scented candle.  Almost anything is possible—the only limit is our creativity and imagination!

New relationships, or relationships which have existed for some time, can be strengthened or renewed by a formal blessing, for example adoptions, friendships, living together arrangements , anniversaries, pets.  In a blessing ceremony you can acknowledge your mutual commitment and express your feelings in just the way that you want to.

I invite you to contact me to discuss your particular situation and your ideas about a blessing ceremony. I serve the Guelph, Orangeville, Georgetown, Mliton, Fergus, Erin and Acton areas of Ontario.



"Your grace and thoughtful preparation made our house blessing a calm and spirit-filled experience—one that we will long remember and treasure."
Betty Vaughan

"Thank you so much for helping us with the Celebration of the Beagles. We truly appreciated your blessing and participation."
Pat Seyfried and Jane Pady


  Amy Cousineau, M. Div, M.Sc, B.A.Sc

  Anglican Priest, Diocese of Niagara
  Graduate of the Haden Institute/
  Mount Carmel Training Program for
  Spiritual Directors